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Brew Crafter is a small-scale local producer based in Lithuania, EU. Our engineers and constructors designed a high-quality solution for beer bottling that helps brewers all over the world.

The best bottling experience for craft and home brewers

according to my father the brewer

Our team is united by a passion for crafting and brewing. That’s why we were determined to provide both amateur home brewers and commercial craft breweries with durable, convenient, yet cost-effective equipment.
The taps we make allow brewers to bottle their delicious craft brew, confident that their customers will savour the initial flavour and carbonation level.


innovative technology to preserve your brew


durable taps that will serve you for years


quick to install, simple to use, easy to clean

convenience & comfort

  • Convenient flow switch handle
  • Firm position fixation of the flow switch
  • Non-slip finish even when used with wet hands
  • Comfortable intuitive control

brutal look

  • Mat black finish 
  • Shows no fingerprints 
  • Fits any brewery style

low-cost maintenance

  • Installation time: 5 min or less
  • No tools required 
  • Just 1 expandable part

exploitation done easy

  • A single handle to control the tap
  • Easy start: no staff training required
  • Bottle holder is easy to switch and wash
  • A reverse drainage valve prevents dripping